Your Brand, The Next Media Company


There is a content surplus and an attention deficit in the minds of consumers today. They are highly influential and aiding others down the purchase funnel using organic conversations about the products they care about and the ones they don’t. In order to reach these consumers, brands must create recent, relevant and value add content in order to break through the clutter and successfully change their behavior.

Content is still king – and if you’re a brand marketer, you need to start thinking like a media company, too. Your Brand, The Next Media Company brings together the strategic insights, operational frameworks, and insights and practical approaches for transforming your brand into a highly successful media company.

Social business pioneer Michael Brito covers every step of the process, including:

  • Understanding the unpredictable nature and dynamic behaviors of the social customer
  • Deploying social business strategies that will help facilitate the change from brand to media company
  • Building infrastructure and teams, and setting the stage for transformation
  • Creating a real-time command center that will help facilitate reactive and proactive content creation
  • Identifying and overcoming the specific content challenges that your brand is dealing with
  • Building a centralized editorial team that will drive content strategy, governance and cross team collaboration
  • Enabling customers and employees to feed the content engine
  • Developing your content strategy that can be executed across all media
  • Transitioning from “brand messaging” to a highly relevant content narrative
  • Successfully integrating paid, earned, and owned media content
  • Distributing the right content at the right time through the right channels to the right customers
  • Mastering the critical new roles of the community managers and others as you build your media company
  • Evaluating the content technology vendors and software platforms vying for your business

Along the way, Brito presents multiple case studies from brand leaders worldwide, including RedBull, Oreo, Tesla Motors, Burberry, Sharpie and Pepsi – delivering specific, actionable, powerfully relevant insights you can act on begin the transformation from brand to media company.

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