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As this year’s fierce Song Of The Summer debate rages on, it’s worth remembering how a decade ago, we were fighting over the same thing. Except the songs were different. And we hardly ever listened to them online (because we had our sweet first-gen iPod Minis, duh).

Music videos during the ’05 summer were different too, mainly in their ridiculously bright, lucid, almost comic-bookish color schemes. Seriously, every video was like an American Eagle commercial or an impromptu pool party. It was all pretty great, even if it looks a bit dated now.

Still, we get a twinge of nostalgia whenever we see these delicious time capsules of the mid-2000s. Which one was your go-to visual indulgence alllll the way back 10 years ago?

Faux trucker hats, taxidermy bears, clever T-shirts — OK, this might actually be an American Eagle commercial.

Even Busta got the bright colors memo.

When hip-huggers = chic and high-waisted = bleak.

…until MCR hooked the theater kids.

E!’s “The Girls Next Door” premiered on August 7, 2005, right around the time this tune was creeping ’round the Billboard charts


Vía MTV news