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When it was confirmed that Twitter acquired Periscope, the live-streaming video app, it was only a matter of time before the what’s, how’s and why’s would begin to be answered and start to make sense.

While this is just the beginning of Periscope and there are many questions still unanswered and many features to come, there are several ways the app can be utilized by big brands looking for an edge.


Announce special offers and contests

This presents a fun and interesting way to announce special offers and contests, giving brands a new way to push instant traffic to their website. While a traditional tweet might only receive a small click-through rate, a live-stream audience is much more engaged, which presents an opportunity for much larger traffic surges.

Companies that really connect with their Periscope audience correctly will build an army of promoters. Would a beverage company see a better return from a primetime TV commercial or thousands of consumers live-streaming to millions of viewers with said beverage in the shot? Marketing executives should be drooling right now.


New level of endorsement/influencer marketing

Want ridiculous engagement rates? Have a celebrity “take over” the company Periscope for a live broadcast. Imagine if Diet Coke announced a Taylor Swift take over. Millions would tune in and Diet Coke sales would be imminent.

Could live-streaming product plugs replace expensive commercial productions? Lower costs and higher engagement rates will be appealing to corporate advertising executives.


Showcase company culture & the people behind the brand

Consumers are infatuated with behind the scene information and Periscope allows companies to take their customers on office tours, production facility tours, as well as introduce them to the faces behind the brand.

That personal connection is, or was hard, for big brands but now Periscope provides such easy direct access to help establish and build that connection. Expect to see major brands take full advantage of this.


Live Q&A sessions and instant feedback

The best way to find out what your customer wants is to flat out ask them. Periscope connects brands to their customers in real-time. Hosting a live Q&A session is a great way to get instant answers to questions.

Imagine if a company fired up a Periscope live-broadcast in the middle of a board meeting to get some instant feedback on a new idea? Innovative brands will be all over this. It is far too convenient and powerful to avoid.


Sneak peeks and teasers

What if a company wants to build up excitement and buzz right before a product launch? Fire off a few live-streams from retailers the night before as the shelves are being stocked, providing consumers with a glimpse to trigger a “you need this” subliminal message.

This direct to target-consumer advertising opportunity is priceless. Periscope has arrived and so has live-stream marketing. Companies will need to adapt or be left behind.

Vía Huff Post